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School: Energy & Mind-Body Wellness

Energy & Mind-Body Wellness

The concept of mind body wellness has been around for literally thousands of years, and there are plenty of ways that we can elevate our mind-body wellness and promote overall well-being. Everything from mindfulness, meditation, diet changes, spirituality, gratitude, mindset, purpose and even decor and colors can impact mental, emotional and physical wellbeing!

We all understand the health and wellness benefits of taking care of our bodies and staying physically fit. However, it’s just as important to tend to our mental, emotional and spiritual needs, which we sometimes overlook.

Mind and body wellness go hand-in-hand, and you can achieve it through many different activities and practices. Most importantly, you have the flexibility to take things in different directions depending on your personal preferences and your lifestyle.

Mind-body wellness can help take care of our mental and emotional health, just as you care for your physical health. With science-backed benefits like lower stress levels, better sleep and reduced pain, mind-body wellness practices can help you lead a happier, healthier and fuller life.

In conjunction with other treatment methods, mind-body wellness methods are becoming increasingly popular among people with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, headaches, back and neck pain, arthritis and other conditions.

Focusing on your own mind-body wellness can help relieve stress, reduce occasional anxiety, boost spiritual and self-awareness and provide moments of mental clarity in our increasingly busy world. In fact, researchers found that mind-body wellness methods can help improve sleep, ease pain and reduce anxiety and depression symptoms. It can also help stave off fatigue and inflammation.

Courses Offered:

Cosmic Touch Therapy
Fundamentals of singing bowl therapy
Creative Arts Therapy