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Following the blueprint established by the local health bureau, this institute is committed to promoting and training high-quality working professionals, connecting healthcare professionals to people seeking their services, conducting clinical research, and complying professional code of practice, and actively contributing to Complementary Medical & Wellness Industry .


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Malaysia 1st Complementary and Traditional Medicine Education Institute.


Lead by a multidisciplinary team of more than 20 years experienced practitioners.


Double Certification Awarded.


Customises educational courses according to the needs of the market.


Quality resources from a network of leading professionals and tertiary institutions.


The UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) seek to address the world's biggest challenges. We welcome SDGs and will play our part in helping our partners and societies to achieve them.


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We are dedicated to empowering you with knowledge, skills, and confidence to provide immediate care for your patients.

I feel very happy with these program

I feel very happy with these program, it give me more knowledge how to take care of myself and family members.

Benefits my health gradually

The program benefits my health gradually

都能在这 Program 里找到答案

长知识,Program 之前的不确定性的答案,都能在这Program 里找到答案。

Simple and clear teaching has impressed me a lot

The Chinese people have always been particular about the nourishing and health-maintaining effects of one's diets. This course has enabled me to fully understand nine different body types and instil the correct mindset to take care of my whole family's diet in daily life. Dr Khor's simple and clear teaching has impressed me a lot. I attended many of Dr Khor's courses and none has disappointed me. Rated 10/10.



I feel grateful to be healthy again

I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease, hyperthyroidism end of 2016. Heart palpitations and uncontrol symptoms of Hyperthyroidism. As I had lots of sensitivity in drugs and medications , I decided to try N skeptical about natural treatment methods at first but persevered.

Makes the information so easy to understand

I believe in maintaining health through naturopathic. Food is natural source of medicine and we eat many types of food every day. It is important to know what is good for our body and what is not suitable according to the body physique. Hence, I hope to gain some knowledge about medicinal cuisine and apply in daily life. This will help me take good care of my family. From this course, I get to learn some herbs and its functions, the body physique of myself and my family, the appropriate types of herbs for each body physique and what else should be avoided/reduced etc. It makes me understand my body physique better and the things that I have done in wrong in the past and caused me to have health issues easily. I can make improvement from what I have learnt now. Doctor Khor makes the information so easy to understand. I love the way she teaches. Another part that I like is that she has short Q&A or practice right after each class. From there, I know whether I understand the topic and raise it up to doctor khor for further clarification. Besides, there is tutorial class which students need to choose a question to present the answers. Again, this let us know whether we truly understand what have learnt and we get to learn from each other during the presentation. I am glad that I make the right choice to attend this course.

The teacher will guide us step by step from introductory to further info

First, I want to protect and take care of the health of myself and my family. Second, I want to understand the properties of medicinal herbs, because I want to know what kind of Chinese herbal diets and diets are suitable for people with different constitutions. Have a further understanding of Chinese herbal medicine or ingredients. For example: if you know that it is not only for qi, it must be ginseng, and not everyone needs to drink ginseng. People with different constitutions need to choose different herbs. The principle of treating the same disease differently and treating different diseases with the same treatment.  It is also their classifications (such as heat-clearing herbs, dampness-removing herbs, etc.). The process of decoction is also very important. I no longer boil all the herbs together. I know that the ingredients that take moretime to decoct can be put first, and the ingredients that volatilize faster to be put later. Very satisfied, if five stars were perfect score, I would give five stars. The course contents are also full of information. The teacher will guide us step by step from introductory to further info. The lecturer will deliver the class using a layman language which makes it easier for us newbies to accept and understand. Dr.khor is also very open minded, she allow us to share our opinions and then discuss the problems with us.

Teaching style from shallow to deep

I attended this health-care medicated diet and physique course because I wanted to understand that through the combination of medicated diet and corresponding food to replenish the body, we can achieve the purpose of preventing and curing diseases, enhancing physical fitness, slowing down aging, and prolonging life. Learn the way to decoct Chinese herbs, such as Bazhen Soup. There are also medicated diet and diet therapy and the concept of self-physique.  I am very satisfied with Dr. Khor's teaching style from shallow to deep. The curriculum design has also improved a lot. You can also ask questions after the course is completed. Thank you doctor for your selfless teaching

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