No, all courses within ICTM are not MQA accredited and is design for personal knowledge improvement or professional upgrading for career advancement.

ICTM is a non-profit NGO that provides, promotes Complementary, Traditional medicine and wellness related courses which are taught by subject matter expert using both online and offline method. Courses within ICTM are also offered through self-pace study.

ICTM lecturers are usually experienced practitioner in their particular subject matter expert whom has sufficient relevant working, practical and clinical experience to impart wellness and health related knowledge.

The main language used in ICTM is English and Chinese as secondary. Our lecturers incorporate the use of up-to-date technologies such as smart phones, web-based researches and instruction to help you with your study.

ICTM general courses are for working adults or already practicing practitioners over the age of 18. However, there may be from time to time, special workshops design for children or adolescents.

ICTM offers one day workshops, to practical seminars to professional certificate which can take up to 12 months.

Yes, most of ICTM workshop or courses do not require academic or education background

Yes for sure, most of ICTM courses are offered part-time or self-paced which is flexible and suits the timetable for most working adults.

Yes, ICTM uses web-based learning whereby you can access your own course at anywhere as long as you have access to the internet.

Students have the option to choose Endorsement certificate from University of Malaya Malaysia with a nominal charge.

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