About ICTM

Following the blueprint established by the local health bureau, this institute is committed to promoting and training high-quality working professionals, connecting healthcare professionals to people seeking their services, conducting clinical research, and complying professional code of practice, and actively contributing to the complementary medical industry.

Popular modalities within complementary medicine include nutritional medicine and herbal medicine. Both types of natural therapies incorporate dietary and lifestyle modifications to enhance positive treatment outcomes. Collaboration with local and foreign universities in research on local herbs and their extracts for health enhancement.

Our Vision

Our vision is to meet internationally demand for cutting-edge professional and/or post-graduate courses for working adults and/or healthcare practitioners seeking to upgrade their academic and/or research qualification on evidence-based complementary and traditional medicines designed to manage and/or reverse major chronic disorders as part of preventive healthcare for post-COVID era.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide internationally-validated, personalised learning/assessment systems for up-grading working adults and/or healthcare practitioners on evidence-based complementary/traditional medical programs facilitated by cutting-edge AI and 5G technologies.

To eradicate preventable pre-mature deaths from non-communicable disease worldwide by empowering everyone with evidence-based health and wellness knowledge and live a better quality of life.

Our Value

Integrity: Empowering and promotion of evidence-based health and wellness knowledge to elevate the health literacy of the community with professionalism

Committed : ICTM workforce and its community are committed to provide and create a reliable source of space for all your health and wellness needs

Trustworthy: with evidence-based knowledge as our modus operandi, we will create a trustworthy source of health and wellness knowledge

Making a Difference: ICTM is here to make a difference to the society by empowering everyone with knowledge to live a higher quality of life.

ICTM Partners