Certificate of Competency in Traditional Chinese Medicine Fundamental

TCM’s Yin and Yang doctrine

TCM’s 5 Elements and internal organs doctrine

TCM’s body substances’ doctrine

TCM’s body constitution

Overview of Chinese Herbs

TCM’s Meridians and points

1. Overview of TCM’s Fundamental

2. TCM’s Yin and Yang Doctrine

3. TCM’s 5 Elements and Internal Organs Doctrine

4. TCM’s Body Substances’ Doctrine

5. TCM’s Body Constitution

6. Overview of Chinese Herbs

7. Functions and Classifications of TCM Herbs (1)

8. Functions and Classifications of TCM Herbs (2)

9. TCM’s Meridians Doctrine

10.TCM’s Meridian Points and Functions for Healthcare Retaining

Duration: 4-6 months
Fee: RM1500/pax

Malaysian Student
1. None

International Student
1. None

1. 10 tutorial assignments and presentations online
2. Final exam (50 questions with multiple answers)

Expected Areas of Graduate Employment

Graduates of this programme will gain systematic knowledge and critical awareness of current problems and / or new view, the bulk of which was found by the basic knowledge in their academic discipline, field of study or area of theory in TCM.

Our Aims

1. To introduce the fundamental of TCM

2. To understand the basic doctrine of TCM

Our Objectives

1. To understand fundamental of TCM in theory

2. To enhance the implications of TCM’s doctrine in preventive health

Programme Outcomes


Enable to gain basic of TCM theory


Enable to master the basic knowledge of identifying types of herbs and diet according body condition


Enable to complete the assignment and also presentations by end of the session


Strengthen the knowledge in basic TCM’s doctrine towards a more proficient and effective Health retaining knowledge


The ability to carry out task, responsibilities in learning and also treating clients, friends, family in studies


Ability in solving one self and family discomfort symptoms according body constitution and selection of herbs


The willingness in compiling homecare and also the continuing learning in theory