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School: Functional Nutrition and Food Wellness

What is Functional Nutrition and Food Wellness

Functional Nutrition is a preventive-orientated approach to modern days health and wellness needs, which concentrates on identifying and addressing the root cause of chronic health disorders through nutritional intake.

Conventional healthcare system typically treats individuals symptomatically and each body system independently. While functional nutrition on the other hand, seeks to understand the single root cause to multiple symptoms or health disorder and addresses the root cause through proper cellular nourishment.

Functional Medicine or nutrition strives to achieve the best available approach with the best available evidence to date to design a unique and personalized nutrition plan for individual to achieve the desired health or wellness outcome.

Principles of Functional Nutrition:

An individual environmental, genetics and lifestyle are taken into factor when determining solution
Solutions are formulated based on the perspective that disease and health exist on a continuum
Health disorders are addresses through common root causes that corrects any system imbalances
It is a sub-set of Functional Medicine which may be advanced into later.

When precise and high-quality nutrition is given to the body consistently and effectively, it can prevent future occurrence of chronic health disorders, enhance cognitive function, and provide overall physical wellbeing outcome.

Courses offered:

Professional Certificate in Functional & Holistic Nutrition
Professional Certificate in Personal Health and Wellness
Masterclass in mental wellbeing through nutrition


You will be equipped with in depth know-how to achieve health or prevent health disorder by incorporating food, sleep, stress, fitness and toxic environmental factors into hand.