Professional Certificate in Introductory of Aromatherapy

Basic knowledge of Aromatherapy

The usage for household health retaining

The safety of essential oils applications

1. Understand the History of Aromatherapy

2. The Production of Essential Oils

3. The Identification of Essential Oils Quality

4. The Chemistry of Essential Oils

5. The Functions and Usage of 10 Types of Basic Essential Oils

6. The Ways of Essential Oils Enter Human Body

7. The Clinical Usage of Plant / Carrier Oils in Aromatherapy

8. The Basic Knowledge of Blending and Allopathy Essential Oils

9. Safety Toxicology Profile of Essential Oils

10. The Application of Essential Oils and Household Usage

Duration: 4-6 months
Fee: RM 3850

Malaysian Student
1. None

International Student
1. None

1. Online close book exam 50 questions with multiple choices
2. 10 types of essentials oils exploration assignments
3. Short essay with 1500 words and above 3. 10 sessions of online live tutorials

Our Objectives

To introduce the basic of understanding of Aromatherapy for beginner

Programme Outcomes


Student may able to understand the modules above to comply with daily activities


Students could identify the quality of essential oils in market


The correct usage of essential oils for healthcare retaining purpose